wood gnomes

I have a new theory about big break ups. When this happens, it sends some odd frequency signal through the air that can only be heard by ex lovers. I have received an email from one and a phone call from the other. Both were instances of things not working because of the situation more than interpersonal issues, but I realize that had it been "right" in either case, we would have made it work at the time. Still, it's intriguing to me, and it looks like one of them (We'll call him "Jim") is planning a trip up here from Atlanta.

Jim is one of those guys who is just magnetic. He is hilariously funny and very cute, and when we were together, I had women constantly hating me just for being with him. I shudder to think of how long ago it is now..has to be almost 9 years or something. He refers to me as the "one who got away". He was working in New York most weekends and would travel back down to his home in Atlanta the rest of the week (he's got kids), so our time together was somewhat limited even when I was seeing him back then. When his job in New York was over, we just couldn't find a way to keep things together. About a year passed, and I got a phone call from a mutual friend who saw him in Florida, and he was trying to find me. Numbers had changed, I had moved, etc. I also had just gotten together with my most recent ex. When I finally did speak to him, he sounded a little deflated when I told him about my new relationship, but we have kept in touch since, though sometimes sporadically.

I guess the point of all this conjecture is that I'm wondering what it will be like to see him if he does actually come here. The rest of everything else hasn't changed. I'm still not moving down there, he's still obligated to stay there. The conversations we've had are very flirtatious, though. There is the cute-not-gay (CNG) boy to consider, because I actually like him. CNG and I haven't even spoken about being exclusive, so I don't think it would be an issue if Jim and I hang out, but I'm am a novice in the dating arena. I'm a serial relationship girl..there has never been dating various people. Should be interesting at least.


Joe Speaker said...

I remember this phenomenon. Thanks for reminding me. I will now legally change my name and perhaps my face.