Stalking Update

I've been meaning to update the stalking list for a while (the list of other blogs I read incessantly). I'm finally going to do so. I don't, however, want it to start looking like a list of every blog on the planet, which, some days, when I'm being the champion procrastinator of the world, it easily could. But there are some that weren't there that I read every single day (when I'm only the champion procrastinator of the country), or at least as often as they update. So, there they are. Behold my blogging compulsion.

There are a couple I'd love to share, would the people behind the pages actually update (hint hint) those of you who haven't written since January (ahem). Happy reading!


Jeff said...

Dearest Lil,
Please adjust my address in your stalking list (stocking list, Xmas list, Xmas Stocking) to reflect

I'm soon going to get it up ONLY on the bowl of cheese . com domain and use my site as an author only site.