My Godchild

Uh huh. That's right. I was asked last night to be the person who cares for the beautiful Lillian should horrible tragedy befall my sister and her husband. It's kind of a fucked up tradition, isn't it? "If we both die a horrible death, will you still love our kid and make sure she eats and stuff?" "I'd be honored". Which, really, I am. Besides, I totally already want to steal that baby.

My sister has decided that we need to stop calling her "the baby" (or "that baby" or all the variations that contain cute adjectives for said baby, like "that squishy baby", etc.), because she is going to start thinking that's her name..which led to the inevitable "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" reference. If you don't "get" that reference, by the way, you are not allowed to read this anymore. Seriously, go away, because you suck.

Anyway, here she is from yesterday, when she was dressed in her adorable Easter dress* to go meet the Easter Bunny.

*yes, a week early..we don't celebrate some weird, alternative fact, we don't really celebrate Easter in the church-going, Jesus died for our sins, I gave up booze and cursing for lent kind of way, anyway. It's more of an eating Peeps™ and m&ms™ in groovy pastel colors sort of way. It's all about the candy. And the cute Easter dress with the black patent leather shoes. Anyway, the week early was because that's when the damn bunny was going to be at the pretty garden place where that picture was taken of her on my lap, pretty much asleep from the excitement of meeting the bunny. She's like 3 months old..she doesn't care about no stinking bunny.


Jeff said...

Why are you twisting the baby like that? Evil Godmonster.

elizabeth said...

I assure you there is no baby twisting. There may be pulling and obscene baby talking in attempt to wake the limp, sleepy child, but twisting? She's a baby, not a lime wedge in my cocktail.

sitboaf said...

You are bestowed the honor of being named Godmother and then open your pottymouth and litter your blog with vulgarities.
Lillian may read this someday!
No amount of cuteness can shield a precious babe from filthy Aunt Bitsy.

4onthefloor said...

I just have cute comments, that picture makes me smile. Love it.

4onthefloor said...

I can't wait to see you with your own babies, you would make the best mommy ever..

Tom said...

The first picture cracks me up. It looks like she just gorged herself on a big turkey dinner.

The Easter Bunny pictures are waaaay more for the parents than the kid. Aidan could have cared less about being in the Easter Bunny's lap. A grown man in a bunny costume that won't speak and barely moves really freaked me out though!

You still have time to call her baby. At least I hope you do because Aidan is the same age and I can't keep from calling him buddy!

Congratulations, Godmother!