the mystery of the peep

Ok, Easter has come and gone, and has left me with a question, due in great part to my reading of other blogs which have referenced the infamous peep. Mainly, the photographic evidence of the peep, which is what this is mainly about. What's with the different shaped peeps? In my childhood, I was privy to only the more 2 dimensional peep, which in my research, I have discovered are only the bunny shaped confections:

The original peep is the more 3 dimensional chick:

Maybe I've blocked the latter peep from childhood memory, since I've never been a fan of their sugary sweetness. I am completely unfamiliar with them, though. Is it a regional thing? Are the 3d peeps less popular here and therefore the more endangered and rare peep? My sister loves these weird things, so perhaps I will have to ask her, but even while I was visiting, she had a box of the former peeps on the premises. Why would she prefer them to the rounder, more realistically-shaped chick peep? Maybe the peep fans can tell me if there's a difference, because I'm just not willing to endure the sticky, nauseating sugar ingestion to do my own experimentation on the subject.

There are peep fanatics out there. I googled and the results were staggering. Some of the highlights:

good, old fashioned peep gaming

The result of 2 frightening obsessions, neither of which I can relate to, colliding:
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And, of course, you can read all about them on the peep's homepage, which is appropriately cute.

While there, I also discovered these other non-Easter peeps, which I have certainly never seen.

Halloween Peeps:
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This peep is especially fun with a little imagination, as shown courtesy of i-mockery:

Valentine Peeps:

Christmas Peeps:


tom said...

I have never met a bigger fan and proponent of the Peep than Jeff Cutler. Not surprisingly this may be the darkest mark against the peep for me as Jeff is known to thrive on some of sweetest, most nutritionally deprived foods created.
I find marshmallow to be revolting in most instances and certainly when it is to be consumed straight up. I also have a problem with the spelling. It should be marshmellow since that's the way everyone pronounces it.

elizabeth said...

marshmallows in hot chocolate get a pass, as they do in the almighty s'more. other than that, i need not.

being that jeff is such a big fan of the peep, i know something that he is going to be very excited about...but i cannot say as yet. (i also know he reads this so i am enjoying adding some suspense)

ditto on the marshmellow

word verification: it just me or does that sound like the next replacement word for BLING?