So, the reason there have been no pictures is that I forgot the cable that hooks the camera up to the computer. Duh. You will have to wait until next week when I get home, because there's no way I'm driving around Charlotte searching for one that works. It's been a good week, lots of baby bonding and learning that my sister is an amazing mommy (which I knew she would be) and that her husband has set a standard for husband and father at such a height that if I do meet a man who can reach it, I will literally stalk and kidnap him. Check out the goodness that is my brother-in-law:

This is a man who is not afraid to express his adoration for his wife. Favorite quote from him on this subject this week, "You know how you just love someone so much, it can just make your head hurt like it's going to explode?" Cute. My sister has gone back to work (this is part of the reason I'm here..to transition to the nanny who starts next week), so yesterday was the first day that I was officially in charge of the little one. From 8am to 5:30pm, it was just me and the squishy one. In fact, though her daddy works only 5 minutes away and comes home for lunch, he did so yesterday when she was peacefully napping, so neither of them saw her all day long. My sister got home from work around 7:30..baby sleeping. We ate dinner and hung out and by 9pm, she was still sleeping and they were both getting antsy, wanting to wake her up. As soon as we saw movement on the video monitor, he raced up the stairs. My sister said "She's going to have to have her diaper changed", to which he replied "Yeah, where do you think I'm going?" As cute as that child is, the things that come out of her butt are quite scary. Because it gives him 3 extra minutes of time with her, he runs for the opportunity to do it. That rules.

Being an aunt is fabulous stuff. It's going to be very hard to leave. Gotta run now, Lillian will be waking soon and it's on it's way to 80 degrees and sunny, so we're going to go for a walk.


Jeff said...

Sitboaf is bald. He’s been pulling his hair out in clumps because you’re not around at night and I keep falling asleep in my Archie Bunker chair with my laptop open and the screen saying, “You have been disconnected”.

But, I’m glad you’re away. It will re-ignite the passion you feel for those of us who love you and it will likely bring you back in a better mood. I was going to mention how bitter you had become, but that was before you got the new welding parts and might be tempted to weld MY PARTS to something.

One would only hope that you had enough brain cells not focused on the child to realize you could probably get a card reader at Ekerd or Best Buy for about $14 and then load the photos on any computer. But NOOOOOO…you’re dizzy from child lust.

I’ll be updating www.bowlofcheese.com soon, sorry that I’ve been lax. I’ve actually been doing much podasting and www.alifeofplay.com is taking off nicely. Two episodes in the can and another on the way next Wednesday.

That’s all for now.

Missing you with all my soul.


Tom said...

I can relate to your brother in law's desperate and sad lunge at the opportunity to change a diaper. Aidan has been pumping some of the most foul, vile, material the world has known out of his butt...and lots of it. I still jump at the chance for the 90 seconds of father/son time it brings, even if he does scream through 40 seconds of it.

When they seem like they grow between the time you left for work and the time you come home, you do what you can for every spare second with them.

sitboaf said...

Yeah, ummmm...
I miss you and whatnot, but kinda NOT pulling my hair out nor curling into a fetal position. In fact, I am glad you are having a wonderful time, as your joy makes me happy.
Someone ELSE, on the other hand, ended his comment with a prolonged howl.

Jeff said...

That list of ooooooooooo's were NOT a prolonged howl, they were hugs. As in hugs and kisses.

I howl on the inside.