More family stuff

Because my mom is here until the wee hours of Sunday morning, there will be little else going on with me this week. I do believe I may have a date on Saturday, and will go, because mom will be sleeping by 9pm anyway to get up for the early morning flight. Also because it's with MWP, who proves himself worthy of that title each day. More on this in the next Man Notes. Can you stand the suspense?

In the meanwhile, some quotes from the recent family gathering, which was, sadly, the funeral of my aunt.

"Did you know that 9/11 was really a government conspiracy? I have the movie that proves it." - crazy aunt

"Do you look around this room and wonder what these people [referring to our huge family] are like in their real lives?" - sane cousin

"Wait, which one of you lived in California? Oh, so it was your other sister. And your brother, but you and your 4 other sisters all still live at home?" - confused cousin who spends as much time with the family as I do

"Keep talking like that and we'll make you sit with *Aunt Sarah" - aunt to another aunt ...*Aunt Sarah is the schizophrenic one, and not her real name

"Yoga is a false religion" - my grandmother, to me. Funny, I thought I did yoga as exercise. I had no idea I was selling my soul into a cult.

Good times, people.


susan said...

I can not stand the suspense.

Jeff said...

Yoga. Bah! Drink the Kool-Aid, put on the purple sneakers, ride your single speed bike into the woods and start sending packages to the government!

Yoga is NOT a false religion, it's a freakish activity that causes women to all have the same menstrual cycle.

Kel said...

now, how again are we related? the crazy aunt or the schizophrenic one? this sounds way too familiar -

if I had known yoga was a cult I would have taken it up a long time ago! damn, I was just afraid it would like be hard or something . . .