Ok, so here's how things are going. He moved in, lots of stuff for a little room, no idea how he plans on getting a bed in there. The base of some gigantic computer desk thing is still in the middle of the living room. He promises it will be moved today. There have been a few good points so far:

  • Peace offering: He came home yesterday with a couple of really good bottles of wine, which were consumed and enjoyed immensely.
  • He was up early this morning, took the dogs out, made coffee, and washed wine glasses that were left in the sink because my drunken,sleepy ass couldn't be bothered to do them last night.
  • Mac geek: Unbeknownst to me, he apparently is a complete mac geek, who owns pretty much every bit of mac software one could want or need (for his 5 computers..hence the giant desk). He also builds websites. This could be a very, very good thing, since I very much need a website built for my art stuff.
  • He is buddies with the guy who basically runs the entire building, which means any little thing wrong with the place will be fixed immediately. (living room parquet floor is buckled in 2 spots, for example). Gotta like that. We'll see how his connections actually work out.

So, so far, so good. Ok, now, participation is required by you folks. I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out what to call my website for the art stuff. Here is the basic principal of what I do, hopefully some of you can be far more creative about naming the site. I design and fabricate all sorts of metal fixtures, small home objects and fine art. Lighting fixtures, furniture, small sculpture, fountains...pretty much anything that would be found in a home or garden. My main medium is steel, though I will use other metals when appropriate for the individual piece. A large focus of my work is that it is completely custom. I design each piece to fit the space it is made for.
My artist statement, as seen on all of my commission proposals:

After studying at the New School in Manhattan, I continued to work out of the Sculpture Studio, until it was forced to close and move from Manhattan to Queens in 2002. In 2004, I moved into my own studio space in Jersey City, where I have been fortunate enough to produce commissioned works in lighting fixtures, sculpture and small objects. It is my belief that the spaces in which we dwell should be treated as a canvas and everything we fill those spaces with should speak to us and of us. That is my goal in creating functional art.

So, there you have it. I'd give you some examples of stuff I've already considered, but I don't want to taint anyone's creativity.


Kel said...

OK - totally read this post and thinking about the art stuff website title {sound of rusty gears grinding}

but - must say sounds like good fortune so far on the roomie - we may need to work a trade here, DH does floors and windows . . .

and he said to make sure I mention toilets, he does toilets . . .

Anonymous said...

Test of metal - that's my suggestion.

Wish I had an art - especially one that would pay the bills.


Anonymous said...

How bout Bend it Like Bitchmore?

Deal'em said...

How about Bend it Like Bitchmore? Probably better for someone working with glass, but I go with the first thought that comes.

Huge Junk said...

I actually shared a room with a girl in college one summer, and she wasn't a girlfriend. She was attractive, but that's only fun for a week or so.

I'd just name your site Functional Home Designs or something simple like that. Functional Home maybe. If you lived in Lexington you could call it Lexington Steel and get all sorts of hits from people looking for the porn star.

sitboaf said...

Heart of Steel

Kel said...

I'm still thinking

Kel said...

Patina Pursuits

Dazed and Fused

Light and Shadow

Untitled No. 32

Cynical Torch

. . .