Things I do Recommend

1. Accost total strangers with the fumes and debris from finishing the current project, while they want only to enjoy a beautiful spring afternoon on a roof deck.

2. Apologize to said strangers after the fact and accept their offer of a much deserved cocktail.

3. Drink far too much, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

4. Get enraptured in conversation with one aforementioned stranger, who is quite cute (in the ex's establishment).

5. Exchange numbers, laugh about many things and get home late, tired and happy.


Jeff said...

Oh, yeah!!!??

Well here's what I recommend...

Wireless Internet
Pretzel nuggets
Movies - may even see little gay-boy Cruise in MI III
Podding the vote VOTE
Good tickling
Careful photography
Ice cream
Winning the lottery

How's that?

sitboaf said...

Scene 1:
Elizabeth enters the diner, sits down in the booth next to Sitboaf, and beams about her latest guy friend.

Sitboaf: What is his stand...on abortion?

Elizabeth: Well, I'm sure he's pro-choice.

Sitboaf: How do you know?

Elizabeth: Because he, well...he's just so good-looking.

Sitboaf (between sips of tea): Well, you should probably ask, because if he's gonna be coming over with that G.O.P. literature… could be trouble.

Scene 2 - The next day:
Elizabeth enters the diner wearing sweatpants a sweatshirt. She sees Sitboaf in the same booth.

Sitboaf: How's your boyfriend?

Elizabeth: No, no, he's not my boyfriend.

Sitboaf: Why?

Elizabeth: Take a guess.

Sitboaf: Oh, really.

Elizabeth: Oh my God. Don't you see what's happening here? I've become George.

Sitboaf: Don't say that

Elizabeth: It's true! I'm George. I'm GEORGE!