why "customer service" sucks

Ok, so still with the coffee machine...I brought it back in today to show them that it does, indeed, still leak. Brought my coffee, my portafilter, the whole works, so it would do exactly the kind of exploda-leaking it does at home. The guy who had apparently fixed the machine looked dumbfounded, took the filter out, emptied the grinds and started messing with the screw in it. I said, "So every time I make coffee, I need to unscrew that thing to the point that it almost falls apart? Is it just me, or does that seem like something that should not be necessary?" The guy who had the air of running the joint walked over, removed the now almost completely unscrewed metal filter basket and replaced it with one without any small moving parts. Guess what? It works fine. Hmm perhaps someone without his head up his ass should have discovered that was the problem in the month they had the thing. At least I now have serious coffee making equipment again. That is something my roomie can attest to as very necessary for my semi-sanity.

For your enjoyment: someone who rants far better than I do.


Huge Junk said...

Maybe I should sell a rant for money business. You get upset about something but can't adequately capture your anger and then pay me to write one long run-on sentence of anger for you.

I could be rich!

elizabeth said...

totally..i would pay you like 4 dollars!