the best date

Seeing as how the whole dating thing has been somewhat frustrating lately, I am very excited about my date tonight. It's nearby and with the best boy fabulous dogwalker. And I say fabulous in exactly the way you would about a gay man with exquisite taste, who spoils my puppies on a daily basis. There will be cocktails, there will be laughter, there will be no chance of getting lucky. There will also be no chance of having to listen to some guy's version of who he is that is vastly different from reality. Going to make myself pretty now.


Jeff said...

When did you drop the "more" from the end of your swear name?
Why don't you just give in to the temptation and move up here to Boston?
Hope the dog date went well.
Hope your coffee is strong.
Hope the roomie is still outstanding.

Sorry I haven't written, but I've been busy not writing my own blog. I've actually got the geocaching obsession and now have finally found a minute to chat at you.

Stay well and I hope to see you online.