Yeah I know

Posting has been somewhat sporadic, and I have only my current dull existence to blame. I've been working on the website and on a new waterfall design, and on what is supposed to be basically a giant wind sculpture thingy, but none of this is good blogging material because all of these projects are in various states of conception. So here is a simple synopsis of random things I have learned in the last week or so:

  • The gay bar scene in NJ is vastly different and frankly sad, in comparison to NYC. When the hottest guy in the place is a drag queen, you have to feel bad for the dating pool.

  • There are a lot of different kinds of ball bearings (and no, that is in no way related to the previous fact)

  • There is a reason people get paid for building websites.

  • When you're on an on-line poker losing streak, stop playing. Not just for a day. Seriously, cut it out.

  • It is possible to procrastinate getting any work done for an entire day by just reading blogs and playing various card games. It will, however make you feel like the most unproductive and lame human being on the planet.

  • You can get very clever people you know to work for free (advertising guys, website designers) but they will not work quickly.

Oh, and here's my hair solution. I never did find my hair guy. (Joe, I still may take you up on your stalking capabilities..I need your email or something) I decided that since I am going to someone completely new anyway, and I insist on going to only really reputable (and therefore expensive) salons, that I'm going to do a hair "modeling" thing at a very good salon, where master stylists teach their underlings how to do stuff. If I'm going to entrust my head to someone unknown, I may as well not pay $100 for the privilege. The down side is that I have to wait until next month. Oh well. If it's super good or a disaster, you may get before and after pictures.


Matthew said...

Solution for hair is simple three steps. 1) trim all hair off. 2) make wig from trimmed hair 3) only wear wig when you need it. simple. Its only hair after all.

Huge Junk said...

Whatever you do, just don't cut your hair short. I know girls think it's cute for some reason, and I know that when a woman turns 35 she has a mental short circuit that causes her to do it anyways, but please leave it long.

elizabeth said...

no short hair, i don't think it's cute...not on me, anyway. and i wouldn't have that short circuit thing happening for a few more years..don't try to make me older than i am.

Joe Speaker said...
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