holigay weekend

My hot date this weekend is, once again, FGB (fabulous gay boy, for you slow people). Tomorrow roomie is playing with his super cool band at a local art gallery, but Sunday I'm heading down to the beach to party with my non sexual boyfriend. Because I can't quite explain how good it is to be around a bunch of pretty boys who tell you how great you look, and you know they aren't saying it because they're trying to get into your pants. Maybe to borrow your clothes, but that's much less annoying.

I know I'm sounding bitter about the straight men, it's a phase I go through every now and then. Anyway, I hope all of you have a good, long weekend. Be fun, be safe, have a cocktail in honor of me. In return, I will shove a dollar into a drag queen's stuffed cleavage for ya.


Kel said...

Oh, those were the days!

I remember the scene - and I agree!

At least now DH will scrub toilets, wipe down floors and do windows to try and get in the pants! LOL!

takes a bit of house training though . . . and they never look quite as pretty as the FGBs