tourist trap

A fun-filled day yesterday in which I played the anti-tour guide. This means that when someone comes to New York who doesn't know their way around, I traipse them all over the city, with no real destination. Want to see the Empire State Building? The Statue of Liberty? Anything of historical value? Find a real tour guide. I will take you to my favorite neighborhoods, stumble upon a place to eat, and generally wander until you fall over. My poker-addict friend, sitboaf, was the victim of this NYC tour, and he was a trooper. We hung out around the South Street Seaport, had lunch, wandered through SoHo and met up with the recently New York transplanted vajrabelle for a cocktail, before boafie had to run off to Foxwoods.

While wandering around SoHo, we stopped into a couple of galleries, which is one of my favorite things to do. There was a really cool exhibition of Iraqi artists at the Pomegranate Gallery and Cafe, which also revitalized me with a yummy frozen mocha. I think sometimes we forget how the regular civilians of a country are deeply affected by the nightmare that is war. The work was beautiful and a sad reminder of what so many people of Bagdhad have lost. If you're in the area, I highly recommend it. We also wandered into a place with sickly realistic cityscape paintings. And as if that didn't make me feel withered enough at my artistic prowess, we came upon c.i.t.e., which is a very cool modern furniture store. What drew us in was this, which oddly is not featured on the store's website. It is a chair made of 1/2 dollars. Not only is it cool, but its base, which you cannot see in that photo, is engineering and welding genius. Inside, we found a chaise made of nickles, some chairs made of glass jars, and a coin lamp. You can see more of his stuff on this site, which is a collaboration with another artist. I also found when reading about them, that they worked with the artist whose work was my first influence to learn how to weld. They all transformed a factory in Queens into a crazy art exhibition. Even more can be seen on his independent site, including detail shots of the furniture.

Their combined genius makes me want to track them down and rub myself on them, to try to absorb some of their talent.


sitboaf said...

Hooray for Lilbit!
I had a fabulous time, and I can't thank you enough for hanging out with me all afternoon, showing me cool things, buying me lunch, paying for cab fare (stop that!), and just being generally awesome. I was able to experience a place I'd never been to exactly as I had hoped - from the inside out, and not as a gawking tourist.
Thank China and Bubba for being good doggies. Thank the roomie for being a helpful navigator.
Unfortunately, my coworker Anna is going to be extremely disappointed that you didn't fall madly in love with me and abduct me for the weekend. Meh.
The way I see it, my vacation was damn near perfect.
Yeah, except for the whole Foxwoods debacle. What? Oh, let's just move on...