Project Obsession

Ok, so as many of you who read the first incarnation of this blog know (and by many, I mean 3, because you are the majority most days), I am obsessed with Project Runway. The new season premiers tomorrow, but tonight there will be a casting special for those of us who are crawling out of our skin with the need to watch a dozen gay men and bitchy women sew together garbage bags and floral supplies into haute couture. It will be my first chance to pick the winner, which I've only gotten wrong 2 out of the 2 prior seasons.

In Season 1, I was positive that Kara was going to trample everyone, and last season, I thought for sure it was Santino who would take the final Fashion Week show by storm. Well, not everybody can have the fabulous taste that I have. How could I have known that last season's Dynasty-inspired shoulder pad ensembles would seem innovative and fresh? But enough of that. This time, good taste must prevail. I will give my top 3 picks after tonight's casting show*, because I'm good like that.

*pre-show picks subject to change depending on how much they may suck at the start of the actual show.


After watching Road to the Runway, I have a couple of people I see as immediate standouts, and one who would like to be the new Santino, but he's actually the next Wendy Pepper..the one everyone loves to hate.

The good:
Kelly-young, super cute and very artistic. I think she's going to surprise the more experienced people on the show.
Vincent-older, had his own line that was carried in high end stores almost 20 years ago. Seems he burnt out, but he's back.
Jeffrey-he's rock n roll, he's Santino's friend, he has a cute little boy he obviously dresses in rock n roll gear.

The bad:
Malan-fake British accent, arrogant, just all in all odd. Could be interesting to watch, but it would be a miracle if his design could live up to his annoying attitude.


Matthew said...

Hey, shoulderpads are sexy. Did I mention I have a thing for Terry Bradshaw? Hot.

Huge Junk said...

Thanks for getting me all sorts of pissed off this morning.


I clicked that link to see those designs from that last season. It's as if the fashion industry tries to patch together all of the most god-awful items and former styles they can find so they can sit backstage and laugh at the reaction of all the people in the crowd considering it amazing.

Most of those people need a good quality punch to the face.

elizabeth said...

so true, so true. i was horrified by that collection last year, and was especially amused at the people who, after Chloe won, were all in agreement about how stunning and innovative it all was. Blech. (i don't think you need so much help in the getting pissed off department)

Matthew, you scare me. lol