baby girl

It feels like it's been forever since I've squished and smooched my little niece. Still 4 more weeks until we have the friend/family beach trip (more family than friends this year), and I cannot wait to see her...and my sister, of course, but let's face's all about the little fat one. I especially miss her when my mom sends me pictures like this. Behold the 6 month old, 15 pound bundle of cuteness.


Jeff said...

It wasn't bad enough that you used to twist this little bundle of cuteness, now you've dressed the child like a sheep.

I'm guessing that you're going to be Bo Peep.

You sick freak! I suggest professional help and make sure that little Twisty doesn't have multiple ticks all over her.

elizabeth said...

i thought for sure the watermelon outfit would be more're weird.

vajrabelle said...

The watermelon outfit is more offensive. She's gonna sue someone when she's of age.

Huge Junk said...

How much for the little girl?

Very cute.

I'm kidding about wanting to buy her.

No I'm not. But seriously.

Jeff said...

OK. Being a guy, I didn't even know it was a watermelon suit. But now that I'm aware of this fact, I can assist in Huge Junk's comment.

39¢ a pound times 15 pounds is about $6. All yours, twist away.

elizabeth said...

there will be no buying or auctioning of the little fat one, you sickos.

and i didn't realize men couldn't recognize something that looked like fruit...melons particularly. i hope a woman buys your produce for you...and all things that look like produce, i guess.