yummy architecture

I'm often asked about my favorite places in NYC, and while I touched on some of my favorite neighborhoods when Sitboaf visited, I feel traitorous that I left out my absolutely favorite building in the whole city.

Yes, there are amazing skyscrapers, art deco buildings that have inspired artist and architects for decades, and countless gorgeous lofts, brownstones and townhouses. But if I could choose any building to live in (if money were no object), I would throw a couple million at this place and call it home. It's not residential at all. Many media companies work out of here, and the ground floor is all very cool retail/restaurant space. Food Network has a studio here, as well as NY1, and the Oxygen Network.

That's all totally beside the point to me. The beauty of this building is in the building itself. I really should go there and take pictures because I'm finding it difficult to find any that convey how truly cool it is. It's very industrial, with tons of cool metal work, and innovative uses for old architectural and structural stuff. If anyone has a few milion sitting around and would like to make a dream come true, you can buy me some space in this building in which to live and work from. I'd live on one of the upper floors, in a big, open lofty space, and work from one of the storefront spaces. Wouldn't it be fun to walk through and watch an artist at work, grinding and bending metal? That's totally worth the investment.

***Oh, right..i forgot to mention. This is Chelsea Market. I expected you all to become psychic suddenly.***


sitboaf said...

Umm, was that an invitation for a return visit? ;)

elizabeth said...

of course you have an open invitation to visit, silly.

Huge Junk said...

My shitty balsa wood furniture would look totally sweet in a classy place like that. I wonder if they'd let me move into the wine vault?

At a consumption rate of a one and a half bottles per day, I also wonder how long it would continue to be a wine vault before I drank everything and it just became Bob's room.