Product Placement

Maybe it's just because I'm hungry, or because I've discovered some new delicious things lately, but here, for your gastronomic pleasure...some of my favorite stuff to put in my belly:

*note: none of the below products are in any way affiliated with LilBitchmore or its owners. It's just good shit. And because truly sexy women know how to eat, I feel it is my duty to encourage all to do so. Guys, you can eat the stuff, too, but we all know you don't so much need eating encouragement.

I'm not a tea drinker by nature. In fact, the only time I drink hot tea is when I'm feeling like death is knocking on my door, if only I weren't too ill to let him in. Iced tea, however, on a hot day, is totally acceptable. While I was walking around the very hot city the other day, I picked up one of these:

yum yum yum. Tasty, refreshing, the pomegranate flavor not too strong and tangy. Cool packaging. The glass and top are totally cute, and I've kept them. They will be handy for bringing cocktails to the rooftop pool. I do have a slight bitch about it, though...the cap is really difficult to get off initially, and often results in slight spillage. If they made that cap a screw-on, it would be perfection.

Which brings us to my real caffeinated beverage of choice. Wonderful, fabulous coffee. I'm a little bit of a coffee snob, but I will totally slum it with some Charbucks® or Chunkin Donuts® if the caffeine headache starts kicking in and that's the only stuff available. But given a choice, I would always choose this stuff:

It's dark, it's tasty, with slight chocolatey flavors, and makes a kickass espresso, and hence latte, which is my coffee of choice.

My favorite thing to eat with a good latte? An everything bagel.

Of course, everything bagels don't really have everything on them. There are no blueberries or raisins or any of the other gross stuff that's on lesser bagels. They should be called the "Everything-That-Comes-On-Real-Bagels" bagel. Onion, garlic, salt, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. I like 'em just toasted with some butter or cream cheese, made into an egg sandwich (egg, potato and cheese..heavenly), or as a lunch sandwich, with turkey lettuce and tomato. They are just the perfect non-bread sandwich thing. And I say non-bread because, though they are made with similar bready ingredients, they should not be bread-like. They should be chewy and dense and a little malty tasting. I don't know of any bread like that. My favorite in NYC is Murray's Bagels. I realize this is a personal choice. People (especially around here) are very territorial about their bagels. Even Canadians claim to have the best bagels. We'll let them believe what they wish. They're Canadian, and therefore harmless.

snacky food:

There are a few different brands of these olive oil chips. All the ones I've had have been tasty. I like the rosemary.

Now for the decadence:

While I prefer to go to a really great French restaurant for such yumminess, I have a foie gras weakness, and I'm a starving artist, people. The occasional splurge at a good gourmet store results in the purchase of the next best thing to the restaurant.

This is not your grandma's Whitman's Sampler, people. This is Christopher Norman chocolate, and it's no joke. All hand made, some even hand painted, and ridiculously good. A little high-budget for an every day treat, but for that kind of thing, I recently discovered this:

Not only is it scrumptious, but the truffle candy bar is embossed with pigs. So it gets cute bonus points.

I just realized that I could continue this post all day, because I love the food, people. So I will stop here, and go get some because now I'm really starving.


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