Why my Roomie doesn't suck

Had a date on Saturday that pretty much lasted the entire day (more on that later), which left me feeling pretty lethargic Saturday night. So I was home, roomie was home, and I was having myself a little pity party, missing living in Manhattan. He asked what I missed so much, and I said, "Well, right now, for example..I should be able to walk down the street at 11pm and get a really good meal", to which he replied, "Well, we could be at Blue Ribbon door-to-door by train in about 12 minutes." Well, I didn't time it, but truly, it was quick, and I appreciate him reminding me of how ridiculously close I really am. Though once we were walking around Soho, he had a bit of his own pity party missing living in the city as well. We got over it though, and are quite happy where we are. Neither of us had a pool in Manhattan. We do now. Also, he walked the puppies tonight while I was visiting my dad for Daddy's day. Thumbs up to him.

Saturday date was with the cute young boy, who of course now gets the CYB acronym. Second date was way more promising than the first, which just goes to show that it was wise to not dismiss him based on the lukewarm first date. Frankly, I laughed my ass off, even while in the Frick Museum, which was highly inappropriate, according to the security people who shushed us several times. Despite the stringent no-fun-allowed policy, I still recommend it. It's unmuseum-like in that the works aren't behind glass or ropes, but still very much displayed as they were when the Fricks were alive and living there. We had lunch at Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. I'd never been there, and I absolutely love the Grand Central Building. It's just so beautiful, and I don't find reason enough to go there, being that I don't ever travel through. All in all, a well-planned day by CYB, and he was witty and sweet and a gentleman, which I can't figure out at his age. I mean, I know men much older who are completely unaware of what chivalry is, much less who practice it. He's a door-opening, around-broken-glass guiding, on-the-traffic-side-of-the-street walking guy. It's cute. He is, however, leaving for Hawaii for 5 weeks tomorrow morning, so there will be no more of him til then.

And a PS for my poker playing friends who have to hear me bitch about how much I suck lately: Home game was Friday, and though I got knocked out 3rd in the first game, the 3 of us started a side game, tourney style, which I won, so I left up a little bit. I was the winner of the losers, which is better than just a loser. So there..i only suck a little.


cc said...

Congrats on the date, the oysters, and the loser win