Ok I don't like all types of metal

Lunch date, confusion about the former MWP and still no haircut.

So, here's the scene of the date with the slightly younger boy. We decided to meet in neutral territory, so he's sitting on the steps of city hall waiting for my fashionably late arrival. I see the cute boy profile and he turns to smile...umm what is going on in his mouth? Ok, granted, I was drunk, but I definitely would have remembered if he had braces. He got them on yesterday. No, he's not 16..I said slightly younger..which is too old to have braces. His teeth were not jacked to begin with. And who makes a date then gets braces fastened on the day before? This is not faring well so far. We decide to get some sushi and there's chit chat, he's sweet. I gotta be honest, there's no magic, and I don't think it was due to the new metal in his mouth. He's entering his last year of law school, which right away puts him in a totally different place in his life than where I'm at. He's also not going to actually be a lawyer, but probably some financial mumbo jumbo (not that this is a bad thing..it just seems like he's got a little bit of Peter Pan syndrome to go through the whole law school thing, I think, just to procrastinate growing up). But that real life decision is still a year away, which is something I am having trouble relating to. I'm not totally writing him off..he is funny and sweet, fun to be around.

Alright, that brings us to former MWP...I mentioned he'd been sketchy, and I had pretty much determined that was not worth putting up with. To be more specific, to give some context, we were supposed to go out one night, he was supposedly stuck at work, he text messaged me finally around 11pm, well after I had decided to go out with the roomie for a cocktail or 4. I didn't respond, figuring he could call me the next day to make it up to me. He then went MIA. Over a week later, he texts an apology about his sketchy behavior and subsequent absence. What is up with that? If you know you're being an asshole, or just completely inconsiderate, do you think this might be a good time to man-up and pick up the phone instead of typing notes into it? It might sway my belief that there's anything sincere in what you have to say. And yes, I've taken into consideration that I'm not the easiest person to have any sort of confrontation with, but like I said..man-up. If you can't handle a little attitude from me when it's deserved, don't be a dick.

As for the hair issue...yes, I know I shouldn't feel jilted by my hair guy, because I didn't show my face there for a year, but I still do. I don't have bangs, nor do I worry a lot about trims. I pretty much wait until my long hair loses all sense of shape and style before I re-enter the salon. In this case, I waited far longer. For those of you doing the math..yes, I do spend a lot on a haircut, but I only get my hair cut 2 or 3 times a year, so work out the numbers for your cheaper haircuts every 6 weeks or whatever, and you'll see it's not so crazy. You also cannot compare boy hair to girl hair. It doesn't take much artistic talent to cut boy hair. It's short, it's generally always the same, it's boy hair. Nope, still haven't found him, yes, I'm looking for an alternative, and it might take a while. I'm ok with that for the moment.


Kel said...

OK - so my comment on braces - my mother was back in braces at 60! And every time I turn around there is someone in their late 20s/early 30s with braces on again (they all mention having had them at 12) SO we decided NOT to put braces on our kids YET (at 12) figuring middle school is hell as it is why add physical pain, afterall we have until they are like 23 (assuming they go to college) on the insurance . . . and yes, this is dentist approved, permanent teeth, jaw development, blah, blah -

AND my little brother is a lawyer, so I have your back on that one - although he matured pretty damn quick once those loans came due ;)

You are probably pretty intimidating - so you should give MWP a little slack for the text message - take this from another difficult person, they develop survival skills around us - not like we are going t ochange you know - and you KNOW you would have given him an earful on the phone, he was testing the waters . . . 'course, maybe he isn't strong enough to deal with you ;)

with you on the hair plan - too important and those that don't get it are, well, probably male . . .

Joe Speaker said...

The braces, or something similar, would definitely throw me. Like they show up with a fresh nose ring. for some reason, the mental image of you seeing the braces makes me laugh pretty much uncontrollably.

As for the hair guy, if you know his age (even roughly) or his background (where he's originally from, etc.), I could find him for you. I acknowledging the offer sounds a little creepy, but finding people is one of the things my company pays me to do, so I have lots of little tools at my disposal.

Matthew said...

I like the cursive in your title... and where it says About Me. It's really girly. And I'm glad you changed the body on the cartoon cause that was freaking me out.