hair trauma

The same guy has been cutting my hair for a long, long time. About 7 years. I've been very lax about it, and it's been nearly a year since I last stepped foot in the salon. So, I called today to make a much-needed appointment. Even I'm tired of looking at myself with my unruly mass of hair piled on top of my head. Imagine my jaw-dropping disappointment at the news that my stylist is no longer working at the salon. Huh? Well, where is he? The girl on the phone doesn't know. Not exactly helpful.

This is a dilemma. I realize that most people are thinking "Big deal, go somewhere else". But it's a big deal. I'm not really high maintenance about a lot of things, but I'm really freaky about my hair and who touches it. Before this guy, I had another stylist for 4 years, and only stopped going to him because he was a pervert. I drew the line at him trying to kiss me goodbye full on the mouth after his very pregnant wife just left the salon minutes before. But it took that level of perviness to force me out of my hair comfort zone into the chair of a new guy. Now 7 years later, I'm trying to figure out what to do. Why would he not tell me he was leaving, and where he was going?

This is far worse than being blown off by a guy you're dating. There are always other cute boys readily available to go out with, with the potential of making you forget about the other guy almost instantly. But if I were to use that way of thinking with the hair, I could be suffering for months with the reminder that I moved on too fast. Every day, a glance in the mirror could be a rehashing of why...why...why??

So, do I just google "hair genius", or "stylist capable of miracles", or what? This is annoying.


placebo said...

I think you're giving up too quickly on your hair guy. I suggest you brush up on your stalking skills and hunt the guy down.

sitboaf said...

perhaps you have several friends with hair. ask one of the prettier ones where she goes.

elizabeth said...

i have attempted the stalking, to no avail. it doesn't help that his name is very common. so common, in fact, that i have found out there are several other men of the same name in the new york area who are IT experts, musicians, religious something-or-others, movie set designers and a b list actor...but no stylists.

as for the friend reference...this isn't an option. i have friends who steadfastly refuse to spend more than $80 on a haircut, and while i understand that in principle, it shows on their heads.

looks like the hair pile look will have to continue until i find someone new...ugh

Anonymous said...

Do NYC stylists have to be licensed like here in CA? If so the state board would have his contact info.

Any chance that after a year he thought YOU'D jilted him and he left the profession in a surfit of saddness at the thought he'd lost such lovely locks to snip? - Cyd

Kel said...

ok - I'll admit I once accousted a woman in the school parking lot and asked for her stylist's name and number - kept him for about 5 years, tracked him down once after he left a salon (he drove a fuschia carmengia so it wasn't too hard) and then poof one day he was gone for good -

I have no shame - I am so with you on this one - desperate times call for desperate measures -

look around - find some hair you like (obviously similar to your own - no miracles) and ask for a name and number -

ok- don't look at my hair now as a reference on this advice here - I have a great gal, I'm just having curly issues - like what the hell happened after that second kid and why do I have curly hair that I have to straighten every day - she keeps telling me that I am going to have to embrace my curls - she may have to go -

Jeff said...

Walk backward slowly. That wall you now feel behind you is the edge of the deep end. Continue backward, take a Xanax and settle down.

1. Common name or not, he can be found.
2. If you didn't call or stop by for a year, he has no obligation to keep you in his book. AND WHAT DID YOU DO ABOUT BANGS AND TRIMS (NO SEX REFERENCE MEANT) IN THAT TIME??
3. $80 equals about 8.5 haircuts for me; or a GREAT sushi dinner for one, a pretty great sushi dinner for two; a good night of poker; four tanks of gas; 80 sodas; 1/3 of an ipod; two inflatable sex toys and a vat of jello; a train ticket to come see you and shake some sense into you; a nice wedding gift; three latte drinks at Starbucks; eight movies; two tires for my car; a 90-minute massage; a round of golf at a GOOOOOOD course; lots of snacks.
4. Perfection needs no adjustment. And don't fall for guys who get their lines from books, movies or songs. Fall for the guys who are the creative genuises behind these same books, movies and songs.