more lucid

First of all, I'm surprised at how well I can type when there's several blurry keypads on my computer.

Today was a good Sunday. Woke up at 11, had some coffee, walked the puppies, went to brunch, nap poolside and yoga. Pretty sweet. As for the pickup last night...umm I'm not entirely sure I actually gave cute boy the correct number. Not on purpose, just that I was that drunk. Tequila is a c-blocker if that's the case. I guess we'll find out in the next couple of days. Thought I would share this much, though: best compliment he gave me? "You have great eyebrows". Too funny.


Huge Junk said...

These are the things I must compete with when trying to be myself around women. All of these douchebags pulling the outfit directly off the dummy at Von Dutch and taking some horrifically obvious line from an article that says to compliment a woman on something people normally don't get a lot of compliments on so that you sound sincere when in reality you're just trying to play your cards mysteriously enough to convince a random woman who has shields up equivalent to tank armor that she should believe you are different from other trucker hat wearing douchebags so you can bang her and tell your friends about it and ohhh...looks like I accidentally started a rant.


My bad.

My point was going to be that he obviously pulled that eyebrow move straight from an article or book about picking up women. Sad. So sad. It makes things more difficult for guys down the road after something like that, methinks.

elizabeth said...

oh my and i thought i was bitter and jaded! actually, the von dutch thing doesn't do it for me, the rest of it remains to be seen. lunch on wednesday. tequila is still my friend.