drunken blogging

As the title suggests, I've had several cocktails. This means that any spelling/grammatical errors must be excused. Ok then, now that that's out of the way:

Awoke to drama surrounding the ex's restaurant. There was yelling and firing and nonsense that should not have included me. Since the firing was of the current rommate, I was forced to play peacemaker. All that was settled. Proceeded to have champagne brunch with my fabulous and very gay dog walker, who is delightful and funny.

Roomie was playing at the ex's restaurant tonight with his band. I went by to show my support. This was a fun thing for a couple of reasons. I got to see this kickass band live, after hearing roomie rehearsing his part to the band's cd constantly. They're good. They named a song after me. Very cool. I also got totally picked up on by a cute, very tall boy. I say boy in this instance because he is younger and adorable. We are having lunch at some point this week.

I'm sleepy and it's time for bed. May expound on this all tomorrow.