too impatient

Blogger has been acting funky, so just getting to this page to update has been an exercise in foot-tapping, under-breath swearing frustration. Yet, I braved it just for you. Here's what's new.

MWP is now defunct. His potential to be sketchy just wasn't sitting well with me, and I decided it just wasn't worth worrying about. When things are that new, it should all be sunshine and flowers, and shouldn't take a whole lot of effort. So, that's that. NEXT.

Roomie situation is great so far, much better than I could have hoped. He does cook, cleans up after himself, walks the puppies, and got the floor fixed, as promised. In order to fix the floor, disconnecting the TV and all the stuff hooked into it..surround sound thingy, DVD player, cable, Airport Extreme became necessary. The thought of disconnecting all that stuff gave me heart palpitations, as it took literally hours and hours to get it all hooked up and working properly to begin with. Today, after the floor was finished, the roomie came home, took about 7 minutes and hooked everything back up. Nice. So I am now in the process of building some shelving for all that ancillary equipment, and we're going to mount the flat screen on the wall. Something I've wanted to do since I've moved in, but just haven't gotten around to it.

Also still working on the website concept for my work. I appreciate the input from all, truly. I just haven't found anything that's really moved me yet. Some suggestions have fueled some other ideas, though, and I contacted an ad guy I know. Most of his business is branding and marketing, so I'm hoping if I give him the ideas I've liked, he can mold them into something workable. When his first response was simply "Use your name", I was a bit disheartened, but after having a conversation about what my philosophy is behind my art and design, I think he gets it. Will let you know, as I'm sure I'll be looking for feedback as the site develops. Hmm what else?

Oh, the car (that's actually the ex's car) was broken into for the 4th time or something ridiculous. Nothing of value is ever in it, and it's fairly impossible to steal the damn thing, even once you get inside, if the 4th attempt and failure is any indication. But still, they try, and in the process, they kill the lock cylinder. This time, when they mangled the cylinder, they jammed it into a position that makes the car act posessed. You see, the car has an option where you can insert key into door, turn it all the way to the right, and the windows and sunroof all open. Kind of a nice idea for when the car has been parked in the baking sun for an extended period. Anyway, the cylinder was jammed in that position, so that as I was driving around, the door locks would lock and unlock repeatedly, and when I would park the car and get out, the windows and sunroof all opened. Pretty freaky if you don't know what's causing it. So, I dropped it off yesterday to be exorcised of its demons, and they gave me a cute little loaner car. The guy handed me a "key" to the car, and I just stared at it, trying to figure out what I was supposed to do with it. Turns out, keys are so last season. This thing slides into a little slot in the dashboard and you push the start/stop engine button. Very cool. I now have key envy. Or lack of key envy..whatever.


Kel said...

ok, that last paragraph was straight off "The Car Guys" LOL

So, uh, what was wrong with the roomie - is he gay? he sounds pretty damn house broken to me