Why haven't I posted? Because every time I've begun to, I messed with the layout instead...then I checked emails and read other people's stuff..basically ADD has prevented it. So, here is all the stuff you've missed:

Ex #2 actually has arrived and left, and it was great to see him. I laughed so hard, my ribs hurt. He was only in town for the day, but I'm glad we got to catch up, and to know that I'm still "smokin" had been nearly 9 years since he saw me. Good ego boost.

I was visiting my sister for the weekend because it was my niece's christening. I'm the godmother, I sorta had to be there, but in reality, if I have any excuse to see the baby-who-gets-cuter-with-each-passing-minute, I'll take it. She is a crawling expert now, and she thinks being thrown in the air is the most hilarious thing, ever. She is the remedy for my morning crankiness, and I tried to explain to my sister that for this reason alone, she should let me take her home so I could wake up earlier and be more happy and productive. My sister cares not for my life's ambitions, since she refused to give up the child.

Oh, have I mentioned that ex #1 lives near my sister? He does, and I didn't bother to tell him I was coming to town, because I was only there for 2 days and he will be here on Thursday. It just so happened that after I arrived on Saturday, my sister and her husband had to make an appearance at a wedding, and he was there. He obviously found out I was in town (not like I was trying to hide it, just didn't see the point, since I'd be seeing him in a few days), and he came by her place last night to say hi. He also called me tonight to be sure I made it home safe and sound. Yeah, he's super sweet that way. His visit should be interesting.

Which leads me to ask: Is it that all the good men just live really far away, or that they seem so good because they live so far? Hmmmm

In other news...

You'll be happy to know that my Design Star pick won, no doubt due to the dozens of you who bent to my whims and voted for him.

Speaking of tv, have you watched Weeds? If not, you really must. It's right up there with Showtime's other greats, like Brotherhood and the L Word. Ok, there's no gratuitous girl-on-girl action, like on the L Word, but it's still really good. I don't want to hear excuses about not wanting to spend the money on Showtime. If you haven't been living in a cave for the past couple of years, you know that the HBO and SHO series are the only truly great programming on tv. Unless you like stuff like American Idol*, in which case, there is no hope for you.

That plasma cutter I was so excited to get? Never arrived. After I called 4 times, I learned that it was out of stock. Assholes. Cancelled the order because "about 2 weeks" was not acceptable, and the one I ordered through another company should be here in the next day or two.

Ok, that's it for today.

*no, Project Runway is not in the same category as that show. One sucks and the other is great.


Huge Junk said...

I think the distance thing just helps to show how a guy truly is. That goes for women as well. There isn't really any incentive to put on an act or to play any games because you're too far away to do anything about it. So you just act like yourself and if you happen to be a good person than it shows easier that way.

sitboaf said...

Hafta disagree with Huge Junk. Everything seems great from a distance - someone else's yard, a fancy car... With people, anyone can seem great for a short visit or during a phone call. But when you see them morning, noon and night, in good moods and bad, the reality of their entire personality will set in. Not saying that these guys are, in actuality, horrible. But, they're prolly not perfect.
Wait. I'M long-distance. Am I still awesome?
And you're still smoking after 9 years? Duh. Haven't I told you to give up that nasty, cigabutt habit?
One more point: you watch reality shows (however few) and are trying to convince us that some are great and others are horrid? Lunacy. They're all horrid. Enjoy your guilty-pleasure TV and don't crap on ours.

Jeff said...


She is like a gambler, a heroin addict or a serial killer. She has escalated her thrill level and now is throwing a child in the air.

Let me type that with all caps. THROWING A CHILD IN THE AIR.

As if twisting the child, a heinous and dumb child at that, wasn't nearly bad enough. Now she's gone around the bend and is tossing the baby into the air.

What will she do next? Perhaps that evil and sadistic raspberry thing people do to a child's stomach to soften them up for cooking? I'm worried frankly.

And if she's still smokin' after nine years, by god man somebody get an extinguisher!