tv stuff

Ok, when I last discussed tv stuff, I obsessed a little about Project Runway (which is great this season, even though the sweet and talented Alison was kicked off, and I'm a little bitter about it), but I also mentioned this show on HGTV, Design Star. The ads for it looked eerily like PR, and well, it is. It's the same exact blueprint, only not really as well done, and instead of dressing walking coat hangers, they dress rooms. Still, because I'm fascinated by design of all kinds, I have watched, and it's on the final challenge. If you haven't seen the show, you'll just have to trust me on this, and go to the voting site HERE and click on David. I mean, if you really care and you must go look at the rooms they designed, go ahead, you can do that, but trust me, you'll end up voting for him anyway. He rules. If you don't care, just do it to make me happy because he deserves to win. Okay? Okay. Thanks.


sitboaf said...

I had actually seen the Supply Store episode, not knowing what the show actually was. I think I kept watching because I had always liked Vern's work on Trading Spaces the best.
Even though David is obsessed with BROWN, I voted for him, because his work is very nice. And Alice... well, Alice is hot, so it was a tough choice for me.
Does it make you happy to manipulate us into doing your bidding?

elizabeth said...

hehe it does make me happy, yes. i will soon use my powers for evil.

but for now, vote every day until wednesday!