slovenly slothness

So, I woke up on Wednesday feeling like someone was sitting on my chest after having just tunneled out the tissue of my throat cavity with a rusty, sharpened ice cream scoop. I don't get sick very often, so I was more annoyed by it than anything else. Because I played hooky when I had my very cute visitor, I'm up against an ugly deadline at the studio, and this wasn't helping. One would think that I would have been here writing to you all, since I obviously wasn't doing anything productive, but no...when I am sick, I am antisocial and miserable and if you try to talk to me, I might bite you.

So I sat on my ass on Wednesday then went to check in the yoga class. I decided to stay and take class, thinking that if I could sweat the germs out of me, I'd feel so much better. I also visited my local health food guru (seriously, this guy knows so much about natural remedy that he alone could cure cancer, I tell you..there's an herb for it, it's right in aisle 2) to see if there was something that could help to push the nasty germs out of my body quicker. As usual, he tells me that I couldn't possibly be there for any good reason, since I look so healthy and wonderful, even though I feel like ass. I tell him that he's crazy, as usual, and he points me to this homeopathic* stuff that he's used and I'm on my way.

Took homeopathics, tons of Vitamin C, and felt a ton better on Thursday. I was able to work a bunch, but Friday and Saturday I felt like I'd been run over. I realize that it was just my body expending all its energy on fighting off whatever attacked me (I'm blaming the icky subway, I told's gross down there), and today I feel about 98% better.

With just a few days to finish my current project, I'll be holed up in the studio, so I can't promise much in the way of blogging, unless something really fun happens, like amputating a limb with my new plasma cutter. Have I mentioned its metal severing awesomeness? I've yet to find a piece of metal it can't blow right through with the precision of a laser beam.

Plasma Cutting Demo I

glimpse what a plasma cutter does (mine is much badder ass than this one)

*I don't take medicine, as a rule, so though you may have some brilliant remedy involving Nyquil and codeine and xanax, it matters not, I don't even take aspirin


sitboaf said...

Rest up, drink fluids, yada yada.
Oh, and by the way.. holy f**k on that plasma cutter. You need a license for that thing?

kerewin said...

Glad you are feeling better, can't wait to see the pics of the final work.

Maybe if the guru actually SAT on your chest and waved palm fronds over you and "pushed" the demons out it would be faster. ;-)