So, I was supposed to do the installation today. Didn't quite get it done, as my trusty assistant (the guy who is unfortunate enough to have to do all the plumbing/electrical part of my work) was held up until late this afternoon, and by the time we worked out the details, it was just too late to get it done. Monday morning, it is.

I was at the studio until 3am finishing all the small details, something I'm rather accustom to at the end of a project. The problem came when I stupidly agreed to pick up my friend at the airport at 5am. Why would I do something so ridiculous? Because he lives in the boonies and his wife took off to Puerto Rico on an impromptu vacation, leaving him stranded. I couldn't make him cab it home, can't imagine what it would have cost him. So I gave up my sleep, caught a cat nap this morning after sitting in all the rush hour traffic from said boonyville, and I'm so very tired that I cannot sleep. Insomnia rules.

Also, CYB is in town for the weekend, and there was no way I was up to going out tonight, but I'll see him tomorrow. I'm beginning to see the positive aspect of boys living far away and popping into town now and then.

Oh, and I'll be switching the layout here at some point because the new blogger beta is up and running. Note the nifty labels at the bottoms of the posts. Something people with other blogging software have had for a long time, and I attempted to do via hacks but I'm a computer moron, people. I needed someone to make it all easy for me. You'll never again have to search for...Man Notes, for example, as eventually, they will all be labelled and easily categorized. Sweet.


MonkeyDragon said...

"the positive aspect of boys living far away and popping into town now and then"

Maybe that's what I am doing wrong! DH LIVES here and pops in on weekends . . . and I get all the laundry and stuff . . . LOL!