The New Things

Did somebody say cute? Check out my belly.

To you, it may look like a pretty bed. To me, it's a prison, keeping me from stuffing various objects into my mouth. Let me out.

I said let me out

This holding my own bottle thing is new


MonkeyDragon said...

so cute!

you got to get you one of those ;)

sitboaf said...

I tire of this baby. Have your sister make a new one. Or, grab one of the boys in your rotating harem and "everybody Wang Chung tonight." The blog would improve tremendously if there were an impending Little Bitchlet for you to write about.

elizabeth said...

someday, perhaps. for now, i prefer to fawn over this one.

"harem" might be a bit of an overstatement, boaf. how could you possibly tire of her sweet face?

if you're all very nice, i will still be writing here, or somewhere, when there is an impending Little Bitchlet (and i will call the baby that until he/she is born because it's funny)

Jeff said...

There is nothing funny about babies! And I believe that these photos are all manipulated in photoshop or with some laser plasma transporter device so that we think she's cute.
BUT that's NOT the case. This ugly baby is actually one of the 4400. I know this because of the clearly defined Miller Lite beer belly in photo number one.
Also, if she were safe and cute, would any parent lock her up in that wooden cage?
I thought not.
I liked the younger baby you used to manipulate.
Hurry up and twist this baby to subdue it before it kills us all!