twisted pigeon

I've practiced lots of different kinds of yoga over the years, but for about the past year, I've been going to Bikram exclusively. Not because I think it's the only good practice, but because it's convenient, and I always feel like I've gotten something from the class, both physically and mentally. A friend of mine from the studio, who hasn't been to other kinds of yoga, found a class that he wanted me to take with him, so I did that today. It was an Anusara class, and though I've never taken one, I've practiced Ashtanga, which is also a challenging class. For those of you who have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, let's just say that those last two kinds tend to test the physical boundaries a bit. For example:

There's this sort of fun thing:

And some twisty stuff:

and handstand, to this, then back up to handstand:

Sorry, guys, I would have loved to given examples with hot chicks demonstrating, but I couldn't find any. I should take a camera into that class I was at today, because the chicks in there were kickass. Anyway, the point of all this is that it was great fun. I had forgotten how much I enjoy really testing my own boundaries of strength and flexibility and it was nice to know that even though I don't do those specific postures on a regular basis anymore, that because I do plenty of yoga, I still can... and I will be taking some other classes once a week or so just to mix it up. But not starting tomorrow, because I'm already sore. In a good way.


Jeff said...

So now the twisting moves from babies to full grown men!

I'm disgusted and slightly turned on.

sitboaf said...

I once heard Elizabeth say that her lovers like to be tied up in bed. My God, I had NO IDEA!

kerewin said...

I don't mind that you posted pictures of men. Except that I do mind that those poses look PAINFUL! eeeeek!

K said...

My inversions SUCK! I don't think I'd do well here. Good for you tho! Brave girl!

elizabeth said...

jeff and boaf: men totally deserve to be twisted...and tied up and whatever else i can think of

kere: actually not really painful, surprisingly

K: only one way to get better at it, and that's to do it! i highly recommend either class. inversions is the main reason my friend wanted to go, and he's finding he's better than he thought after just a few classes