and by the way...

I realize that my retarded schedule lately has left holes in my writing here. If you read the comments, you may have noticed my invitation for a guest blogger in my absence. If you don't blog, or if your blog is all wrapped up in a particular subject, but you could stand to get some stuff off your chest, let me know if you'd be interested in borrowing this space for your own ranting when I'm not here. I'm just playing now with how that works, as I've never done it before, but apparently blogger will send you an invite if you are so chosen. Obviously, you would get this invitation when I know I'm leaving, if I can remember to send it before I go, or when i know that I'm going to be really busy with work deadlines and stuff....or if I'm feeling lazy. You get the idea. You can post your email in my comments here, and immediately delete if you don't want the world to know it. I will still get the comment emailed directly to me. Cool? cool.


slb159 said...

Guest poster? Hope Bobby or Mr. Speaker don't sign up. I see enough of their BS on a daily basis on their respective sites.

Just kidding. Wish you well.

Jeff said...

Holy cow! This could be my big break. Let me know what topics you want me to cover. And have you looked at my podcast yet?

I've been audioblogging my blog into a podcast. Now I wouldn't do the same thing for your blog. Nor would I swear, because I'm against that. But otherwise I'm your scribe.

Oh, yeah. Please go vote for my podcast. Here's the link.