You know your body is breaking down when you are able to hurt your back by mopping the floor. No, not on-your-knees-scrubbing the floor, but the simple act of slightly bending forward as you use a mop. This is probably the 4th time this has happened over the past few years while doing something completely benign. It's just getting annoying, quite frankly, because I'm able to do contortionist-type crap in yoga, without any problems. Should I attempt to do mundane chores while in some distorted asana just to prevent this? It could be all the new you tube rage, I guess, if I could catch it on video. Meanwhile, I will limp through a yoga class in an attempt to recover.


MonkeyDragon said...

totally unrelated - but LOVE the new color and header!

yeah, it sucks getting older - we don't tell you this shit because we don't want to scare you -

eat more chocolate, drink more wine - increase the morning caffeine intake - balance has nothing to do with yoga, it's all about managing your stimulants and depressants

elizabeth said...

thanks, i was feeling very autumnal. and i totally agree on the chocolate, wine and caffeine!

Huge Junk said...

Sounds like you could use some Yoga Booty Ballet!

Have you seen the commercials for this crap? Hilarious and embarassing at the same time.