She simply looks like cuteness

She's 9 months old. It's going too fast.


Jeff said...

I can't express how happy that photo makes me. Mostly because I get to post the first comment about the baby growing in the pumpkin patch and how eerily similar that scenario is to the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Now before you get all defensive about how your little twist toy is not a pod person, please explain to me why she's eating a gourd and what those little dents in her cheeks are fromspiderman.

Not dimples! They're the spots where the pod stems break off when the pod person is large enough to fall from the vine.

Put that in your pipe and twist it. Not cute. Evil and supernatural.

MonkeyDragon said...

ooooooooooh, total cuteness - great picture!

MonkeyDragon said...

ok, this is just too much cuteness!

My tween daughter gave a big "aaawh" when she came up behind me and saw the picture ;)