I'm back, I'm emotionally exhausted, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to any man who may have ever felt the way that my friend does, even to a lesser degree, because of me. I'm fairly certain I saw him as close as I've ever seen anyone to a complete nervous breakdown...several times over the past 6 days. Being in the town where the woman who just walked out on him (with almost no explanation at all) grew up was terribly difficult for him. I'm thankful I was able to be there. Her parents showed up to watch his show...did I mention he's a comedian? Yeah, he had to be funny guy every night in the midst of all of this. Her parents in the audience prevented some of the more bitter exgirlfriend material from appearing that show, which I think kind of sucks because it's all funny...laughter from pain, it totally works.

Anyway, it was an experience I'll not soon forget, and one that will make me rethink the way that I end relationships, because I don't ever want to be someone who causes that.

I'm not going to discuss the exact location, but some food clues to share what a hellish place it was:

There were a few options of restaurants in the general vicinity of our crappy hotel. Two of them were Bob Evans.

I saw someone dipping what was supposed to be pizza into ranch dressing

"That's the best burger place ever, like Wendy's, only not all uppity like them. They don't have chicken and shit"...actual quote from a local



sitboaf said...

Wendy's = uppity. Hmmm. Hold my calls for a week or two while I try to process that.
Hey! Did you remember to bring me a sack of Uncle Jimbo's Deee-Luxe Pork Rinds?

Huge Junk said...

Turns out that I don't have anything to say in this comment box after all. I can barely remember why I opened it in the first place.



elizabeth said...

boaf: mmm pork rinds...right up there with shit on a stick.

huge: dammit i was going to have you have nothing to say here and guest blog while i was gone. sadly, i have no email so i couldn't ask. fix that. i could be going away again soon.

Bob said...
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