last minute thing..or 2..or several

My sister's birthday is in a couple of days, so today I went shopping to get her the one thing she really wanted (and that her poor starving artist sister could get), really comfy pajamas. Nothing like the last's how I do everything, you know. So, I go into the jammy section of local department store, and somewhere between the bridal white silky lacy negligees, and the frumpity frump triple-layered flannel jumpsuits, I came across something perfect and snatched it up. I was all ready to make my way back out of the store when I found myself amongst a sea of denim. Jean sale. Can you have too many pairs of jeans? The answer is no.

I was non-commitally browsing, when something caught my eye. Surely, there must be a mistake, because Paper Denim & Cloth jeans cannot be on sale for $33. Shut UP. I tried to remain calm as I searched through the small rack of them. I would have bought a bunch of them, but they only had one pair in my size. So happy, though. Total score. Here's where it gets ugly.

One might think that I had a great shopping experience...found exactly what i needed for sister, great pair of jeans for silly cheap, time to get out of there, right? Well, as I was looking around at all the sales racks, the compulsion overcame thought occurred to me that since I got the jeans for so cheap, I could totally splurge on one or two more things. And so I came home with 3 shopping bags. Terrible. I could refrain from eating a couple times a week for the next ummm couple of months, maybe.


kerewin said...

oh god, thin legged jeans are back in. I have to admit I never liked the big baggy look, but thin legged jeans tortured me in high school! I used to cut out all the seams of my jeans and handsew them to be tighter. Except that I wasn't that great of a seamstress. They would always start to split.


sitboaf said...

Please continue to post more pictures of models and bums in the future.
Thank you.

4onthefloor said...

ok give it up- where is this sale?