Why today might suck a lot

1. Because it started with my espresso machine acting irritatingly wonky AGAIN. I did manage to squeeze some caffeine-laden nectar from it, but it wasn't easy.

2. I got to wake up to the maintenance guy at the door. He came to finish repairing the section of floor (which he was supposed to do yesterday), that my dogs destroyed while I was away. If they weren't so damn cute, we'd have serious issues. Oh dogs, how you bring the joy...which brings me to:

3. I have to bring Bubba to the doctor, as he's been puking for the past 3 days. What? You'd like more details? OK, but it's gross. Every morning, during his first walk, he vomits up what appears to be foamy phlegm. Yummy. He's been on medication for about a year now that has had total control over his IBS. I guess we'll find out why it's no longer working. Today, he's on a hunger strike, which means he must be feeling really very crappy. Before he was (finally) diagnosed for this, he would generally still eat voraciously, even if only to upchuck it a few minutes later. What can I say, he's a Shar-Pei. And neurotic. He's ultra high maintenance.

4. I have to find and actually buy something in a WalMart. I understand that this doesn't seem like a huge deal to most people. Everyone loves WalMart and Target, right? Yeah, I don't. I think they're strip mall creating, small business consuming, child laboring in 3rd world country employing, pieces of crap, and I make it a rule to not ever shop there.

*Warning: baby stuff that may be TMI for some of you follows*

Lillian has been breast fed for all of her 10 months, but for the past 2 or so, she's been weaning herself. She is not yet ready to go to milk, so she had to be put on formula. My sister (smartly) won't just give her regular formula, because cows, and therefore all milk products, unless explicitly stating otherwise, these days, is pumped full of all kinds of nasty hormones and crap. That's a discussion for another time. Basically, to avoid little Lillian from reaching puberty at 9, she only eats organic almost everything, but especially anything deriving from animals. Since this is something I am also adamant about, and since my sister buys this organic formula that can only be bought at soul sucker WalMart, I have to go there. It's not wise to just willy nilly switch formula if you can avoid it.

So there you have it. Suckiness abounds today. Sweet.


kerewin said...

Walmart makes me break out in hives. I think I am allergic to the air, the people, and the things on the shelves.

Jeff said...

Random thoughts to litter your blog with...

That stupid pig at the bottom of your page wouldn't listen to me and now he's covered with mud and I can't get him clean.

Baby Twisting is going to be part of the Winter Olympics mostly because the cute snowsuits the little gremlins wear allows you to properly twist without harming the infant. AND the puffy suits most nearly replicate the bulges of fat that ooze from baby elbows, knees and cheeks.

I apologize for hit-and-running on iChat the other day. I was being a typical guy and realized all of a sudden that I didn't need human contact, I needed a snack. I immediately quit what I was doing and foraged in the fridge for some cheese (note the NON-plug here for my blog and podcast - not even mentioning the name or putting a link) and some puddings. They were delightful at your expense. So I'm sorry.

I'm really turned on to hear more about pregnant yoga chick. PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

And I'm a bit miffed at the fact that I'm 42% sure that I'm not the guest blogger. Snif.


Jeff said...

Oh, yeah. I like Wal-Mart. But mostly because it smells like armpit and there are times when you need a little armpit in your life.


MonkeyDragon said...

I have never actually been to Walmart , for your above mentioned reasons - and the fact that DH went there once and said "you can't go there, I don't want to have to hear about it"

Yeah, the cat has been diagnosed with having a "small bladder" - I got you here - she is so close to slippers, yet adorable and supportive

gasp, feel for you on the espresso machine issue -

and you know how I feel about food issues . . . grrrr

elizabeth said...

kere and monkey: thank you for the walmart support, i was expecting someone to run the the "superstore"'s defense...i should have realized that the people who read what i have to say are generally smarter than that (or in jeff's case, like armpit...i have no explanation for him).

jeff: first...i'm not pimping out pregnant yoga chick for your sick fantasies, i'm so winning the gold in baby twisting, and if you're going to get petunia all muddy, use the spray bottle to clean her, silly. she left muddy hoofprints all over the joint.

i put out the open guest blogging invite a while back. we'll see how (if?) it goes this time, but if you are interested in the future, let me know, maybe i'll send you an invite

Huge Junk said...

You sound a tad bit worried that your guest blogger is going to jump on while your gone and start making fun of Jews and Mexicans.

Quick side tangent...

Do you have to capitalize the word "jews" in the above situation? I'm not sure. I did it to be safe.

Either way, I'm sure it will go over without incident. A guest would have to be quite the douchebag to take someone else's invite to blog and then abuse it.

elizabeth said...

not worried in the least, actually. i would never invite someone to guest if the thought of what they may say made me nervous. have at it.

i have a feeling i might have to nix that kindblog button upon my return, but honesty always wins over kindness with me anyway.