Monday Confessions

Inspiration from here...Not that it takes a whole lot to illicit confessions from me. Just that little nudge is quite enough.

Sunday was a crappity crap day. Rainy, chilly, windy. I had to go do my yoga studio duties in the morning. I now do Sunday's 10am class because I'm a nice person and the manager of the studio needed that day for other stuff. That's not the confession, though it may surprise many of you to learn I've done something for another human being that requires me to get up before 9am on Sundays.

Anyhoo...I got to the studio, and the heat (remember, people...the Bikram yoga is supposed to be HOT) isn't on. I mess with the heater in all the tricky ways I know how, and all it's doing is click click click. No heat. Yoga students began to arrive. When it seemed no heat was to be had, most left. Calls to studio owner unanswered, we cancelled class. I acted disappointed, but I totally wasn't. A few of the regulars (who are cool chicks), the instructor (who is a very cool, very pregnant chick) and I all sat around and gossiped for a bit, then I proceeded to leave, go get my ritual fat-ass Sunday breakfast, then home. Where I hunkered down and didn't leave all day. Nor did I do anything productive. I even narrowly avoided cocktails with FGB due to the rain, so I got to remain a lazy ass into the wee morning hours, when I finally gave in to slumber.

The true confession here is that I loved Sunday.

*bonus confession: I know it seems like I'm being a more consistent blogger, but it's only because of my guilt at the fact that come Wednesday, I'm abandoning you all until next week. There will be no time for the computer when sister and baby are here for twisting and squishing (the baby, not the sister...that would be weird). There may be a guest blogger, if his schedule permits or if he has anything to say. You'll have to remain on the edge of your seat to find out.


MonkeyDragon said...

uh, hello - digital camera - only takes a sec. to upload those adorable photos

great, just leave me here watching the birds and squirrels fight over the suet ;)

kerewin said...

I think that sounds like a LOVELY Sunday!