In the new year, I have found several of my favorite bloggers abandoning their digs. Some have left for greener pastures, and some have simply stopped being self-absorbed enough to believe that people do care what they had for lunch and why they hated it. Fear not, my friends, I will not be rejecting my narcissism any time soon. I am fully ensconced in the wonderfulness that is me, and will not keep that from you. For your enjoyment, here are some new homes in the blogosphere:

Joe Speaker = (mostly) poker Speaker = co-posting Speaker. I'm exhausted for him. That co-posting thing is a lot like Man Notes™, but someone actually asked for advice...and Betty has allowed a man's perspective (pssst don't know the right answers).

Have you wondered what the afterlife has been like for Gerald Ford? How about for Saddam?

Go forth and read. Comment. Let these fine folks know you're out there, and you're watching. Ok, that's a little creepy sounding. Just let them know their writing is appreciated.


JoeSpeaker said...

Thanks for the links and for reading. I hope it didn't come across I was begging for those.

I'm working on the transition from (mostly) poker to the usual. Harder than I thought it would be.

elizabeth said...

nope, didn't seem that way at all. i just think you're fun to read and like to share the wealth. i do admit that i miss your non-poker stuff (not that i don't love the poker), and am anxiously awaiting more of that.