The Hype Lives...and weird me

I know it's everywhere, but it deserves to be. Will sell blood (and my 2 iPods) to have it. Notice that the image I chose to admire this gadget before it even came out was pretty close to the final product.

Lots of people have a "100 things about me" list on their blog. If you paid me, I couldn't sit down and write out that list. What I can do instead, is share some idiosyncrasies or quirky things, and perhaps, this will eventually get stuffed into a list. Sometimes I'll add this new feature as an individual post, but I will also just stick some randomness on the ends of posts if they pop in my head.

(uncommon) things that offend my senses in some way:

sneakers: they're ugly. Yes, even the ones you really love. They're ugly, too.

vertical blinds: Really just hideous. They are the window dressing equivalent of an office cubicle. Institutional and strictly functional. Sorry if you have them...perhaps you should consider a nice roman shade, or blinds that go the way they're supposed to: horizontally.

monster stores: We've discussed this before. Walmart, Target, Sam's Club, BJ's, whatever other place you can buy underwear, a lamp, and groceries. This is just an awful trend, and I really hope that there is a serious backlash. Would the other end of the pendulum be a little NYC style bodega on every corner everywhere? That would rule. But they would have to be the cute ones with all the flowers (see photo). They're open 24 hours a day, people. And the world would smell delicious all the time. Ok, you'd have to go to another place to get your underwear and housewares, but stop being so lazy.

*I think the ads that are chosen to be listed here are often very funny. At the time of this posting, there was one for GAY CARS!!! That rules. I went there (not by clicking the ad, of course, as that would be against the rules for me to click, but you totally can), and just so you's very likely, according to their listings, that your car is, indeed, gay. Take that, homophobes!


sitboaf said...

In the city, Mega-stores aren't necessary, and I hope they never pollute your particular neighborhood. But, get your mind out of metropolis mode and think:
If you hafta get in your car and drive 10 minutes just to get to where the stores are, you really don't want to make 35 stops. It's convenience.
Of course, many who agree with this also drive an extra 5 minutes down the road to spend 3 cents less per gallon on gas, which redefines "asinine" for me.
Sneakers: functional. Next you'll tell me you don't like jeans. Get over your hang-ups and realize they are necessities in our society. Or, go lace up your boots and corset, wiggle into a hoop skirt, put on the bonnet, and grab your parasol before meeting Chauncey at the May Day social.

Huge Junk said...

I almost forgot to tell you that I had a sex dream about you the other night.

It's not what you think though, because in my sex dreams I never actually have sex.

My mind likes to mess with me so it puts me in a position that looks promising and then proceeds to walk friends in the room, magically transport me and whoever to another location, or just completely streaks off in a different direction.

So I guess what I meant to say was...

I had a dream you were in where we were flirting and then before anything actually happened my brain went all gay on me and changed the subject.

elizabeth said...

boaf: people lived without mega-stores for many, many years. slight inconvenience is a small price to pay in comparison to what you're really giving up by letting these stores take over. the long-term repercussions are much greater than you may think. time will tell. either way, definitely NOT a necessity in our society.
as for sneakers, well, unless you're actually running or playing a sport, also not necessity. i can hate them if i want to. i do yoga, i don't need no stinking sneakers.

hj: that's so not fun. i get no good details that way.

sitboaf said...

Umm, yeah.
Your argument holds no water. People lived without cars and electricity for a long time, too.
You're attempting to remove 1 item from our complex societal web. Sure you could live without refrigeration or the internet or TV or airplanes, but it would make life suck.
See you at the Social.

elizabeth said...

you're comparing super-cheap-marts to cars and electricity? that's like saying our society was better off with slavery because it was the only way land owners could have cheap labor, ensuring that the economy of the society would thrive. oh, and it was totally convenient!!! (to the slave owners)

sometimes the ends don't justify the means.

our "societal web" often makes mistakes in its practices. we aren't perfect, but we can correct our mistakes with time.

sitboaf said...

Well, yes these mega-stores DO cause harm. And slavery was a main reason our country prospered. I don't think because it was once part of a functioning society that it should still be around. Everything evolved together. The industrial revolution brought incredible changes - some of which were horrible. When these modes are no longer the best thing for society (of course, it took too long for our country to remove the shackles and too long to change labor laws), they get phased out. Something new replaces the old, and it brings along good AND bad things.
So, when something better comes along, mega-stores will die. Right now, they're very powerful because they fit in well with this particular societal mode. They won't last forever.