Dear Coffee Gods,

What have I done to forsake thee? I praise you to all who will listen, I worship daily, sometimes, several times a day (if I am feeling especially sleepy), and still you toy with me in cruel ways.

First, you send me the evil cappuccino machine, which, by the way...totally broken again, thanks. So, I use my French Press, until I go to get the machine fixed (temporarily, obviously). This has been working ok for several days, and of the plunger thingy being pushed smoothly to the bottom, it forces hot coffee to shoot out the edges of the contraption, exploding molten coffee lava all over me and the counter.

I don't like tea, but I have had a chai latte, and let me tell you this. If you keep up this nonsense, I will be tempted to switch my allegience. You've been warned.


MonkeyDragon said...

I am just now commenting to let you know that I could not comment earlier . . . very frustrating when my fleeting witty thoughts are gone in such a flash -

kerewin said...

Two thoughts on the coffee shooting out phenom:

1) Don't fill it over the metal rim, you goose.

2) Wait a couple minutes after pouring the coffee before even putting the plunger in. Somehow the grounds lose their resistance after a short time and they push down a lot easier.

Good luck!

kerewin said...

Um, I mean to say, wait a couple of minutes after pouring the WATER in.

Susan said..., C90. I never thought I could love a capsule, but I do! No muss no fuss. Poof! Espresso!

elizabeth said...

monkey: could you tell me what happens when you try (when it isn't working)?

kere: well, of course, i don't overfill it, and i always let it sit for a while to let it get nice and strong, so it's just freak accident. i must have used the thing a kabillion times without incident.

susan: you know, i tried those things years ago at the food show, before they even came out. cool idea, but i didn't love the actual coffee that came out of it.