people being (maybe too?) creative

I think some people have been taking National Creativity Month really seriously.

I love me some coffee, but I am far too sleepy in the morning to get into any of this:

click pictures for more

If anyone would like to come over in the mornings to create fun pictures in my latte, you may apply for that position via comments.

These people are really into two things I love: Photoshop and the (please, please, please) forthcoming iPhone

For those of you who are mac-centric, you likely are aware of MacWorld in a few days. If you're planning on going, feel free to pick me up one of those when it's announced there. Thanks.

Then there's the guy who makes portraits out of gum:

The fact that it's tacky is fitting...cheese might be a better medium for that particular model, though.


GF said...

I can't believe the guy who made the gum portrait of Paris actually made it through the whole thing.

You would have figured he would stop at least once and say, "What the hell am I doing this for?!?"

If I were him I would have had to punch myself in the face at least once.

elizabeth said...

oh, that guy is all about making some portraits of the cheesy chicks. if he were to punch himself in the face for every one of them, he'd have no teeth left to chew the gum