...the beauty that is this site, thanks to the OCD and brilliant geekness of Placebo, yet again. This should look perfect now, pretty much to everyone. If you're using some really old version of IE, there's nothing I can do for you. Update your software, for the love of god.

The thing that really rocks is that everything was pretty much rewritten, so I think it will be much harder for me to break on a regular basis. Not that it will stop me.

I'm still at home instead of working my creative self in the studio because I was hoping to be picking up a certain high-maintenance dog from the vet. Yup, Bubba is there again. He hasn't been quite right since the Dog Bite Incident of 2006. I think after his initial bravery wore off, he actually got pretty stressed, and because he's a neurotic mess, it has wreaked havoc on him. Maybe he needs doggy Prozac. In any case, he's there, he's getting better, but they still want to keep him until tomorrow. So, with that information, I'm off to visit him, then to work.


Jeff said...

You have inspired us all. Good work. Get ready for a ton of Bowl of Cheese podcasts and blog entries.

By the way, I'm headed to Vegas on Saturday (with the GF), but I'm NOT going to elope because you'll probably be home nursing the puppy and plotting new havoc for your site and your little ugly nephew.

What? It's a niece? Oooooh, that's rough.