Haven't you totally felt this way?

...This is how I love you, six of seven deadly sins and only one virtue with which to save myself, too proud not to be angry, too generous not to give you everything I’ve no right to give. Broken on the wheel, smothered in fire and brimstone, this is how badly I want you.

If you haven't, my hope for you is that you will someday. Then you, too, can read Kat's writing and love it as much as I do. I realize that the link to Kat brings you to the page where she announces her blogtirement, but you can request archives from there, and she seems really nice, so maybe she'll let you into her lovely world.


Jeff said...

Too deep. Try something lighter like this...

The branches of my soul harbor the random scramblings of love. The feelings, like the feet of manic squirrels, scratch my bark and score my wooden exterior. While inside, fluids are pressed and concentrated. A sap worthy of the tallest maple. But I don't let it drip out. Don't ever let it out.