Valentine Schmalentine

It's been happening since the day after Christmas. The pink hearts, cupid cut-outs and general rosey-colored sickeningly sweetness. Does there really need to be a two month build up to this "holiday"? Even when I was in relationships (yes, I am a serial long-term relationship girl...13 non-consecutive years of long term togetherness is proof), I never really got into the whole This! is the day you Have To! show how much you Love Him!!! It's silly. Sure, I'd so something like make dinner, and have been known to sculpt a little something cute and silly as a gift, but really, that doesn't differentiate it from most other days, as I was likely to do those things anyway.

This year, I'm very much single, and I'm totally fine with that, but I've been feeling this weird pressure about the single-ness because of Vday. It feels like society is shaking its head and giving me the stare of disapproval over the choices that have led me to be unattached on this most important day of the winter months after Christmas and New Year. Which I guess makes it only the 3rd most important winter date (not all that important), but you'd never know it by all the hearts and the flowers and the various stuffed musical animals which dance and sing rockin renditions of love songs.

I guess my point is...chill the fuck out, Hallmark, you're giving me a headache.

If you are one half of a happy Valentine celebrating couple, I fully embrace your ability and even your joy in making with the sweetness. I just don't need to be bombarded with it every time I step into a store to buy milk.

Oh, and could the people who insist on saying "Valentime's Day" please stop? It really grates on my nerves. There was no St. Valentime, bastard cousin of St. Valentine. Ok thanks.


Betty Underground said...

AMEN! Before the Christians got their hands on it, Valentine's Day was a perfectly good pagan love slave day!

elizabeth said...

now you're talkin! i will be taking all applications for my love slave via comments.

MonkeyDragon said...

ok - going with Betty on this one - 15 years of marriage and 2 kids and I can tell you this holiday has been all about glue and doilies and glitter

the love slave thing sounds so much better -