Things to like...and not

The past week has been filled with the goodness, and sprinkled with some crap. A pretty good ratio, so I'm not bitching too much, but...

I like:
kissing cute boys who make me laugh. Big surprise there, huh?
lazy couch-bound days watching bad tv
fabulous gay boys who party like rock stars
celebrating my birthday (again) a month late, because I can
being carded...for anything
drinking (heavily) with no hangover punishment
when the muse is cooperating, and the work flows effortlessly

I really definitely don't like:
flighty moments that result in leaving things behind...
...and losing my cell phone (again)
things that get broken
when the muse is stubborn, and the work feels like work.


Huge Junk said...

I hope the goodness has totally overpowered the crap.

I also like drinking heavily with no hangover and lazy couch-bound days, and I too hate leaving things behind and things breaking.

It reminds me of a time that I broke a condom because my penis was too big. I shouldn't have been using a Magnum XL in the first place, but I was out of Wonder Bread bags.

elizabeth said...

yes, good definitely conquered evil.

i wish i had some good advice for that other problem, but ummm...yeah...i so don't. probably because i don't have a penis. if i did, i'd probably get rid of it. girl parts are way more fun.

Kid Dynamite said...

yo - not that i'm "lazy" - i had a pc blowup last week... back online now, and will be working up some quality posts.

looking forward to your review of Huge Junk

MonkeyDragon said...

I truly appreciate your header - the candy hearts are inspired ;)

elizabeth said...

thanks! i actually changed it about 26 times before the final product, which is rare. i usually only change the monthly header 8 or 9 times. it was just such an important statement for me. you, however, are married! aren't married people supposed to like vday?
oh, and if you like that, wait til you see all of the fun anti-valentines things i've found.

MonkeyDragon said...

we have never celebrated the day - figured if you had to work so hard at one day you were messing up on a hell of a lot more days - and so what's the point -