The bitching commences

OK, I know I'm supposed to get over it today, but I'm still going to bitch about how cold it's been, because it was supposed to be nice all week. Instead, it's been hovering around 20 degrees, with sporadic snow flurries, which is only exasperating the fact that I am not in a tropical paradise, drinking umbrella drinks brought to me by scantily-clad poolboys with an equally scantily-clad hot guy on the beach chair beside me.

Also, my studio has been largely off-limits because of some nonsense involving the fire department, and my desire to not get involved in it all. It's a catch-22 situation, where I haven't been able to acquire the proper permits because the building needs to fix certain things, and those things have been held up by the fire department, who are the ones responsible for issuing said permits. Got all that?

It's a red tape entanglement of bullshit. I've completely ignored it up til now, and would continue to do so, except that now the building's violations are overdue to the point that there is a fire marshal present in the building at all times. It's times like this that I wonder why I didn't go the easy route and paint or make Lego art, instead of working with very flammable! molten metal, which cannot easily be done on the sly with a fire marshal poking around.

Deep Breath.