this little piggy

This tattoo is so brilliant. This is also one of Lillian's favorite games I play with her, and by the time I get to the "wee wee wee...all the way home" part, she is shaking with laughter. The fact that this reminds me of her is probably why I like it so much. I miss that baby. Must find a way to steal her from my sister. I promise to give her back when she gets to be about 12 and all bershon on me.

I've discussed before my fascination with tattoos in general, because some are so cool, but they're so damn Permanent. That freaks me out. Besides, I couldn't tattoo my toes, because they are way too cute.


Lizza said...

Your niece is just so cute!

I'd LOVE to get a tattoo, too, but the permanence of the damn thing puts me off. Is there such a thing as colored henna tattoos?

elizabeth said...

lizza: yeah i couldn't agree more. henna, unfortunately is only in various shades of brown to rust, because it's a natural substance. i have seen some beautiful henna work, but it just isn't very colorful.

the only kind of tattoo i've seen that probably wouldn't freak me out is a white tattoo, which turns out looking more like a tan line. they are becoming more prevalent, and i posted a really beautiful one a while back that i found on the same site i found the little piggy tattoo. it's here: