Welcome to April

This month's color scheme is based on my colorstrology color, Larkspur. This is what my color says about me:

"It is best for you to be in a position of authority. It is not a great idea for you to be following someone else's rules. Courageous and complex, you are not always easily understood. You want to know what makes things tick. You are concerned about the core of a situation, not in the appearance of things. Part of your challenge is to learn how to work with a partner. Receptivity and diplomacy are needed in your exchanges with others. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with the color Larkspur helps you combine your depth with subtlety and grace."

How's that for some hippy color-loving goodness? (not to be confused with the goodness that is lurking, as can be seen by the picture up there, in the shadows)

This is my interpretation of that assessment:

"You have problems with authority figures. You offend people easily, and getting under people's skin is amusing to you. Shallowness pisses you off. You do not play well with others. If you cloak yourself in this soothing color, perhaps people will assume that you are kinder and gentler than you really are."

Sounds about right. I need to go shopping for some larkspur clothing.


Wheezy said...

This new look totally kicks ass. Not normal ass, either. Like, the perfect ass.

(mine, for example)

Kenny Ray said...

Girl, you look FIERCE in Larkspur. Not all flawed and tragic like me.

Jeff said...

I'm puzzled. That silo behind the mind-blowing woman in the masthead doesn't resemble my current haircut. I suspect you have once again slipped in a subliminal nudge to me to cut my hair so it meets your perfection fantasy. OR maybe that silhouette is actually the current dream guy that you're horizontal bopping. I'm aghast!!!

elizabeth said...

wheezy: kicking ass is what i do best (even perfect asses like yours)

kenny ray: thank you, and you could never ever be tragic.

jeff: "horizontal bopping"??? really? i just don't know how to respond to that. it is the hair of a very beautiful and brilliant man, though.