Stop Messing With the Only Sport I Care About

Today was the first game of the season for the Yankees. People around here take that sort of thing very seriously. Having a conversation with me about sports is laughable. I will be proud if I know whether the team you're referring to is a basketball or football team. That is how deep the sports knowledge runs. However, I was a gymnast for a lot of years. Highly competitive, very serious, olympic dreams sort of gymnast. See? You likely learned something new about me today. It's good to visit.

Anyway...thanks to the brilliance of TiVo, I am now able to watch more gymnastics than I was able to before, because they don't have Tuesday Night Gymnastics on primetime. It is, in fact, usually buried on some random channel at 3pm. Not exactly the easiest schedule to follow.

So, I'm watching some World Cup competition recorded in Great Britian, and after the first routine, these odd numbers popped up on the screen. Ummm that guy scored a 14.775? Huh? Last I checked (which wasn't all that recently), the score tops out at 10. What the hell is going on here? Must be some weird foreign scoring system. Stupid foreigners, screwing up the "Perfect 10" system. But then, I watched a local competition. Same thing. So, I had to do some googling. Apparently, they have taken the scoring system from rhythmic gymnastics. What? They have taken the scoring system from a bastardized version of gymnastics?

I've read the details of the new system, and I'm sparing you the boring details. Suffice it to say that they have messed with everything and it's completely annoying. What's the new perfect score? There isn't one...

"The most significant change of the new and controversial Code was the abandonment of the 'Perfect 10' for an open-ended scoring system. Theoretically this means that scores could go infinitely high"

Stupid. I don't care if they shorten or extend the baseball season, if they implement sudden death or overtime into any other random game, or even if they deny athletes into the Hall of Fame of (insert sport here) based on performance enhancing drug use. Really, I don't care. Can't they just leave this one sport alone?


Wheezy said...

I too care about the sport of gymnastics. I really feel like the talent level has declined severly. The chicks are not nearly as hot as they used to be.

Don't they still haze the ugly ones right off the team?