They really do think stuff like that, don't they?

Just an example of why I'm happy to announce that my sister, bestest sister and mother of the cutest baby on the planet (see below), is having another girl.

Ok, so I'm not thrilled with the choice of eyewear, but I'm leaning toward my mother as the culprit for that bad fashion choice. You should see her reading glasses. Hideous things. Also, she owns a pair of pants with a multi-colored, bright pastel print of shoes on them. Why? I have no clue. Maybe it's something that happens to women when they become grandmothers. In any event, the glasses are not Lillian's fault. She doesn't know any better yet. I will be seeing her in a few weeks. We will have a chat about allowing the "adults" to put silly looking things on her.

But I digress...

I'm going to be an aunt to another adorable baby girl, and now I'm at a loss. You see, buying stuff for the first baby was easy. They didn't have anything. Now, they have all sorts of baby girl stuff. Lillian's closet is full of adorable things she never even had the chance to wear, so clothes (and shoes) are out. What am I supposed to get the new kid?


Woodchuck said...

I would suggest Fencing lession so that the younger one can defend herself.

Books are always a great choice.

Wheezy said...

Steak and green beans?

Jeff said...

I don't have a lot of time this afternoon, but here are the things that helped my siblings - all younger.

Dishes in their bed
Lots of blame from older siblings
Psychological abuse

How's that? Oh, yes. Want to see how to cook a turtle? Check out my blog. Wheezy isn't a guest lecturer - YET - but it still is fun. Bowl of Cheese dot com.

iamhoff said...

Re: the xkcd...yeah, we do think things like that. I've actually been lucky enought to not say those things, tho.