24 Days

(Not that I'm counting)...is a long time to wait to see someone you'd prefer to see every 24 minutes.

I hate people. Ok, not all people, but lots of them. Like people who make me cringe at the thought that when I'm asked "What do you do?" and I reply, "I'm an artist", that maybe people are assuming I mean I'm someone who would look at a homeless person and my only thought might be, "Wow, that very sad looking human being who maybe hasn't eaten today would look awesome in a photograph. Black and white." *click click*
I'm not that kind of artist.

If you are a drunk guy sitting at a bar, and a woman walks in and sits in your vicinity, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging her presence, or even giving a compliment. When you offer to buy her a drink, you probably shouldn't insist it be "Irish Whiskey only or don't talk to me", or at the very least, take the hint when she gladly orders a glass of wine.

Hell's Kitchen is back on, people. It's Gordon Ramsay. It's inexperienced chefs trying to cook for him. It's a little slice of culinary goodness. In the premier episode last night, 2 people cried. One was not a woman. He cried more.

That is all for today.


Wheezy said...

Knowing that Hell's Kitchen is back on has lightened my mood some.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I'm laughing at your take on guys who approach you at a bar. Serious, lighten up a bit and give it up a little...serious, relax and tone it down a bit. Gordon is a dork..serious, someone is going to give him a beat down this year or at least I hope. You think i would let that little bitch yell at me...pifft...I would be like...you little fucken cracker let me give you the people's elbow.

kerewin said...

Oh shit! I didn't realize this started again, better get the dvr on it!

Wheezy said...

"the people's elbow."


Did Elizabeth just accidentally uncover one of Tha Rooster's pick-up lines? "Soco or beat it."

I may have to try that next time I find myself trying to pick up chicks at a bar, though I'll go with, "Roofies or scram."

elizabeth said...

lighten up?
i'm not mean to the average guy who approaches me in a bar. i'm just in awe that when it's overwhelmingly obvious to everyone else in the bar that a girl wants nothing to do with him, a guy can, if drunk enough, convince himself that she is totally flirting with him. by ignoring him.

roofies would be much more effective.